Better to burn out than to fade away

The time comes when we have to grab the bull by the horns, to confront the much dreaded moment of having to end something, for good… We wander, we get comfortable, we get upset, then the feeling again fades… But it turns up again and there´s no point dragging it on for much longer… Time flies!

It is difficult to give up things that make us feel good, to detach ourselves from the floating ring we´ve been grabbing onto for however long… To stop lingering and face reality…

People come and go through our lives, some leave deeper marks, others just happen to pass by. Our perception of how they interfere with our paths makes us wonder if it´s just a coincidence or if it was all bound to happen whatsoever… But despite all of this, we are affected! However, when we look back, with time, we understand how well all the pieces fit in the final puzzle of our lifelines

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  • el junio 11, 2018 a las 2:13 pm
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    About de video “Lifelines” of a-ha:

    “The original film was 12 minutes long and was filmed over 105 days, and edited to fit the song length and scenes with the band members.”

    Beautiful song.

    • el julio 3, 2018 a las 10:11 pm
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      Indeed it is, one of my favourites! Keep listening, you´ll find amazing lyrics with this band…


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