Puzzlement is often seen around when I start classes with new groups. Getting used to the Vaughan method takes a bit of time… But students soon get the hang of it and once they´re used to it, they like the high pace very much.
When new situations appear, we are often shy, embarrassed, reluctant to ask about something we are not familiar with, we don´t want to look silly asking stupid questions but, from my own experience, it´s better to ask than to sit wondering… Saying something like “would you mind explaining that again?”, “I didn´t quite get that, could you please go through it one more time?”, “please, excuse my ignorance”, I often use this last one myself, and the answers are always greatly welcomed because…I´m not expected to know about everything!!!! I´ve lived without a TV for the last 16 months, lived away from Spain for 12 years, there´re many things I´m not aware of, but my attitude is positive!! I´m open to learn if someone is prepared to clarify things to me!!
So please, don´t hesitate, ask any doubts, questions, unanswered matters, don’t leave room for guessing (well, maybe in games), you´ll save so much time and effort!!!…xxx…More next week

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