In my job I can see how much we all like chatting. Any topic can trigger us to begin a discussion. The same piece of news will give us a chance to express an opinion while the person sitting next to us could have a completely different one…

To be an English teacher is a wonderful opportunity to talk to many different people about as wide a range of topics as you can imagine. An amazing way to enrich your life, the language is just an excuse! The fact that you can learn so much from sharing some hours with students from such assorted backgrounds is incredibly rewarding and satisfying…

Some students tell me how they find chances to practice chatting in English while doing the St. James´s walk, on the way to Santiago. It´s a well known fact that this pilgrimage can be a relief for the soul… Do you chat much in your everyday life? Can you find ways to practice your chatting and at the same time improve your level of English speaking? I invite you to look for opportunities to do it, you´ll enjoy it, for sure!!… xxx… More next week

(this photo was taken in mid-November at my weekly conversation group in Cruces-Barakaldo, Bizkaia)



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