Fotografía en Inglés

Taller para adult@s.

. Talleres semanales para practicar nuestras habilidades con la cámara reflex.


Teacher : Leo Wilcox, young photographer based in Bilbao currently teaching photography in english through various courses. Mostly self-though even though he also studied photography in a School in Zaragoza called Spectrum Sotos. He is also a french/English Native teacher so please mention if you would be interested for this kind of class in french.
Content : 6 hours (1h30 × 4 weeks) of classes about digital photography, how to use your camera and composition over a month for a total of 60€ all in English.

When : Every Thursday at 7pm (other time schedules can be suggested)

Required :
-DSLR (Digital single lens reflex) or mirrorless camera. If you are not sure if your camera is one of these two write down the model in the comments down bellow and I will check for you.
-A decent level of English, at least understanding it.

This is a crash course about digital photography and how to handle your camera, all that explained and discussed in English. It’s set during a month’s time, one hour and a half per week with some homework each week related to the previous class. Each week we would be meeting in a classroom, mostly seeing the theory behind it and showing which option is where on the camera except the last week where we would go out and practice outside. The class should be for 3 to 7 people.