My students ask me what the fastest way to get fluent in English is… Well, no secret formula really, persistence, tenacity, being constant and dedicating time to it…

It´s often said that the best way to learn English is by living in an English speaking country for a while; “total immersion” they call it. The truth is that we can simulate this experience here, in Spain, if we really want to improve our level. How? By being exposed to the language as much as possible, either by listening to the radio or tv, by reading, by attending conversation groups…

While living in UK, I forgot most of the Euskera I had learnt in my previous years in Bilbao. Since coming back, little by little I´ve recovered my level by doing interchanges with local people (weekly hour coffee breaks, 1/2h speaking in English and 1/2h in basque), attending conversation groups and listening to the radio and tv as often as I can. Anyone living in Pamplona or Bilbao will tell you that getting immersed in an Euskera environment is actually a personal choice but if you´re really willing to, you have many chances to do so.

So please, think about it this way, imagine that every day you could be transported to London, New York, Sydney, Otawa… Dedicate at least 20-30 minutes a day to get immersed in the English language, as if you had to do it in one of these countries, forcing yourself to manage, to get by, to make a living…. Give it a go and see what happens….xxx… More next week

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