One of my favourite words, defined simply and precisely by my truly inspiring teacher Fitz, in Madrid last year: a MOTIVE for ACTION…
Multiple reasons push us to do what we do every day: duties, rewards, the thrill of the challenge… But too many pull us back too!! It’s just so easy to get distracted nowadays… I love Tim Urban’s video on TED about procrastination. I must admit I very often (all the time, really!) leave things for the last minute…
I chose Motivation as the topic for my End of course presentation on my Business Management studies in London, comparing Maslow’s theories to my own experience working at a dead end job for a big company… I found out that money was very rarely at the top of people’s motivation.
My question is: What’s your motivation for mastering the English language? Send me an email and let me know!!!…xxx….More next week

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