It´s tough sometimes to get it right, to find the accurate words, the best explanation to a question, query, doubt…

Finding the perfect definition to clarify a point takes practice.  Experience plays the part here, it helps when you have done it before but very frequently, we teachers, are faced with brand new tests that make us wonder what the appropriate way to making something clear is. The funny thing is, the same explanation doesn´t always work for everybody!

I have students rehearsing speeches and very often, struggling to repeat the exact words they have prepared. Others finding resources in grammar books to explain a rule that doesn´t always go by the book… or can be twisted somehow…

It´s great when we nail it! Superb! But until we get there, until we have the confidence to reach that point, there´s no harm in asking for help. A second opinion will reassure us and will always be worth the time… xxx… More next week




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