Christmas and New year are a time to reflect and renew. A time to look at our lives, the way they´re going, and consider the turn of the year as a date to start putting into practice changes to redirect, straighten up, aim, align our paths onto the desired direction…

The truth is that whether we want it or not, our lives are constantly changing, despite unwillingness, resistance, coziness… There will be unannounced events taking us by surprise and forcing us to react and make a move…

It´s always good to have a plan, a setting off idea of what we would like to do, combining what we already have and what we want to achieve.

I have many plans for the new year, I know some will materialize and some will turn into something completely different but I´m looking forward to being confronted with new challenges and opportunities in order to further renew my life. Are you?…xxx… More next week

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