The story so far

“…well, we´ve come to the final chapter of the second part, the bit where the girl, once again reinvents herself and stars afresh with nothing, from nowhere, barefoot and spotless white…”

Stories picture different landscapes and backgrounds, circumstances and conditions, settings and drives… We are transported and listen carefully… This is the best part of my job, the chatting that both my students and me enjoy so much… Last week I was telling them how my second baby was born in an inflatable pool in our kitchen in London, because, after a traumatic time in hospital with my first baby (emergency caesarean section and baby being put on a drip), I was prepared to take the risk… They loved to hear!

But giving them the chance to speak is the best, letting them improvise their speech, talk with as much spontaneity as possible, allow them to be themselves, regardless of the language, that´s what it is about, being comfortable expressing yourself, neither embarrassed nor afraid…


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